#artlifelottery Event Description

The following are the a description of the #artlifelottery event to be held on April 21, 2018 at Columbia University's Master of Fine Arts Thesis exhibition.1

The #artlifelottery event will consist of a series of lottery drawings and art actions.2

The #artlifelottery event will be held at 4pm EST on April 21, 2018 or after that time as part of Columbia University’s Visual Arts MFA Thesis exhibition. The opening reception will be held on Saturday, April 21, 2018, 3 pm to 6 pm. Admission is Free. The Wallach Art Gallery is located at the Columbia University Lenfest Center for the Arts, 615 West 129th Street, NY 10027.

The first drawing will determine seven (7) entrants who will win the opportunity to finish the seven featured artworks in the exhibition. The pieces will be finished by removing a portion of the scratch-off material from each of the seven artworks in a designated area. 3

Participants who have been selected to finish one of the seven artworks are automatically entered into the second drawing, which involves a set of prizes. 4

The prize breakdown is as follows:

Drawing One

Ball Number Prize
1 - 6 Own the scratched artwork
7 Triggers drawing number two of 100 numbered balls (see below)
8 Own the scratched artwork
9 - 15 $50 Amazon Gift Certificate
16 - 25 $25 Amazon Gift Certificate
26 - 100 $10 Amazon Gift Certificate

Drawing Two

Ball Number Prize
1 - 6 $100 Amazon Gift Certificate
7 Triggers drawing number three of 100 numbered balls (see below)
8 - 25 $250 Amazon Gift Certificate
26 - 100 $100 Amazon Gift Certificate

Drawing Three

Ball Number Prize
1 - 6 $500 Amazon Gift Certificate
7 $1000 Amazon Gift Certificate

1 The rules of this event are subject to change up to and including the time at which it occurs.

2 By entering this drawing the Participant agrees to be held to the rules of this document, pursuant to the laws of the State of New York. This document will serve as the agreement between artist Tim Roseborough (“The Host”) and the entrant (“The Participant”).

3 Each selected participant may scratch only the "scratch-off" section of the artwork, which is specially coated with metallic "scratch-off" material. Each selected participant will have 30 seconds during which they may scratch off the UV ink, or "scratch-off" material. Scratching outside of this surface area or for a longer period than allotted will result in disqualification for eligibility for any further prizes for drawings for prizes.

4 There are a total of one hundred (100) numbered lottery balls. Each number activates a a particular prize value or triggers a subsequent drawing of another 100 balls with a separate set of drawings for each prize. Every drawing from the prize session is executed from the full set of 100 balls.